Computer Lab

In 2002 the Godmothers realized that the TMS boys were in need of computer training and were without a classroom or equipment to provide it.

Godmothers started soliciting funds to create a Computer Lab for TMS and were gratified to find an anonymous donor to sponsor the renovation of an abandoned storeroom on campus, another donor to provide new carpeting for the lab, a third donor for a movie screen to show DVD’s and someone to fund the ongoing expenses of the lab in the second year of operation.

Godmother President (2004-2005), Betty Dickey, visited local schools to gather ideas of what was needed to equip and furnish a proper computer lab. A curriculum for computer education was developed and is being implemented by TMS staff that includes typing skills, word processing, etc.

Currently, the lab has 13 Apple iMac computers which are networked with high speed internet access and an all-in-one LaserJet color printer for printing, copying, faxing and scanning. In addition, the computer lab contains a “home” theater movie screen with surround sound and projector that was provided by a donor for the boys to enjoy educational and entertaining movies.

The Godmothers Technology Chair and her committee meet monthly during the school year with TMS staff to access needs and issues pertaining to the Computer Lab.