Library Program

Our goal is to ensure that every student has enough interesting and enjoyable material to help them love reading as much as we do. We believe we get closer every year.

The Godmothers opened the library at Timothy Murphy School in 1998 with just one year’s funding available. Its success with the students in that first year prompted the Godmothers to make the Library funding a priority. A few interested parties were recruited and over the next 7 years, the library has flourished.

What began as a collection of donated books has evolved into a comprehensive collection of new reading materials appealing to Grades 1-12. Twice a year, before the Christmas break and the summer recess, the library sponsors a Book Fair. Each student is given an allowance to purchase books from the Fair that will entertain him during the school holiday. The students look forward to these events all year.

Each year our inventory has expanded to include more books on an increasing variety of subjects guided by the boys’ interests.