Life Skills Center

The mission of the Life Skills Program is to facilitate academic, technical and social development in the education process that leads to enduring success in the community life.

The program is organized into six divisions: Careers, Health, Social Skills, Business, Independent Living and General Knowledge. Completion of each division leads to a certificate that allows the graduate to live in an independent living apartment when he is 18 years old and leaves the St. Vincent residence.

Godmothers have supported the Life Skills Center since its inception in 2004 when an abandoned classroom was identified as the future location for the center. After repairs and renovations were made, the Godmothers sponsored a Grand Opening in January 2005.

We registered “Baby Timothy” at Target, a fictional boy representing the TMS student body. With this gift registration each Grand Opening attendee was able to identify items that were needed to complete the Center and ready it for TMS classes.

Further funding for the Life Skills Center was provided by the Godmothers Pumpkin Patch in October 2005 and by a fundraiser held by a private sponsor. Two new vans, used to transport the boys to class or on daytrips, were purchased as a result of these events.

Godmothers continue to fund the Life Skills Center and volunteer as instructors. This provides an opportunity for Godmothers to work closely with the young men of TMS.