Life Skills Center

The goal of the Godmothers Lifeskills Program is to add the dimension of creative hands-on experiences, social awareness and community interaction to the lives of St. Vincent's boys.  Inaugurated in 2004 with the opening of a newly renovated classroom as the Life Skills Center, it has seen several changes in emphasis over time, but the core of its success has always been the self-esteem and healthy relationships that the Godmothers hope to instill. Interacting with the boys brings rewards to everyone involved.

Lower School classes are visited every month by Godmothers who introduce the boys to wonderful new experiences: science experiments, creative art projects, toy and gift-making, gardening basics, safe and practical tool use, scrapbooks and picture frames, wallet stitching, basic baking skills (separating an egg, measuring ingredients), cooking hamburgers and tacos, and the cultural and fun traditions centering on special holidays. The Godmothers bring family caring and sharing into the lives of these often severely neglected boys. 

For the older boys, monthly trips into the community are scheduled, with Godmothers arranging with business owners, craft people, community service personnel, cultural or recreational organizations to host the boys for a tour and introduction to job possibilities. Staff accompany two or three Godmothers and the boys are treated to lunch before returning to school. Visiting a local restaurant and interaction with the boys is a chance for them to gain social and conversational skills.

For a brief time a certificate program divided into six units was offered. Textbooks and talks on Careers, Health, Social Skills, Business, Independent Living and General Knowledge were designed to allow a boy upon graduation to set up his apartment and be responsible in a new job situation. While this program is not presently being taught, the Godmothers are always ready to start it up again with a teacher/volunteer contingent ready to step in.