Merit Store/Program

Merit Store

The Merit Store opened February 26, 2008. It is a wonderful way to motivate the boys to complete school work, respect teachers, fellow students and to be overall good citizens.  

The students earn points, as per the Merit Program which is explained below, managed and recorded by staff. The boys visit the store weekly, to spend the points they have earned or they can accumulate their points for future purchases.  They learn to work toward a goal of saving for something they really want and feel the gratification of achieving that goal.  

Merit Program

The Merit Program is a behavioral modification plan with six steps, each offering an award for good behavior. The Godmothers provide the rewards for all-aged boys.

As each student achieves a reward level they receive something designed to be an incentive for good behavior adapted for each age group, i.e. books, sports equipment, “on campus” special lunch, watch, movies, day trips, “off campus” lunch, “points” to shop in the store on campus.

In addition, the STAR Program (Stop, Think, Act, Result) was created by the Godmothers to offer reward incentives to boys that are unable to advance beyond a low Merit Program level.